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Got a Green Thumb? Go with the Guru

All the tools you need. Unmatched quality. Eco-friendly.

"Practical yet affordable garden tools that I know will last me a lifetime."

- NIKI B | APRIL 2023

Built To Last

All Garden Guru products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty.

Ergonomic Design

All Garden Guru tools are designed for comfort & practical use

Responsibly Produced

We use recycled and recycleable materials, and take great care to minimize our carbon footprint.  Learn more here.

1% For The Planet

We donate 1% of sales to protect the environment and replenish resources.

Find Your Garden Groove

Everything you need to create and keep the perfect garden

Digging &


Weeding & Cultivating

Pruning & 


Classic Wood


Unmatched Quality & Built to Last

Dependable, ergonomic tools you need to get the job done.

Grow Your Dream Garden
Whether you’re a professional horticulturist, budding green thumb, or weekend gardener, Garden Guru has you covered with all the tools you need.
  • Thousands of 5 Star Customer Reviews

  • Free Shipping

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Committed to Sustainability

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As featured in:

Gardening Should Be Green

Recycled Materials

Our tools use 100% recycled steel, compared to the industry average of 70%

Carbon Offset

90% of our products have a full cradle to grave carbon offset, with a goal to get to 100% by 2024

Sustainable Sourcing

We use wood and bamboo from responsibly managed and audited forests

Thoughtful Packaging

We use recyclable and recycled materials, reducing waste that ends up in landfills, and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Meet Our Classic Wood Tools

Made with 100% recycled stainless steel and wood from responsibly managed forests.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rated 5 Stars By Over 5,000 People

"Every weed hater needs this in their arsenal!"

"No one tool does everything. But this one [hand cultivator] goes into the bucket every time I go out weeding. After loosening weedy soil up - this one often is next to rake the weeds apart from the soil. "



This spade is strong, heavy, very well made and larger than most spades. Except for a small sharp part on the upper edge corner that wasn't smoothed over and being a little heavier for me as a women, it's a great garden spade It will last a very long time. I am happy with the purchase and can recommend it. 

 Online Shopper - March 2021

Its ergonomic handle fits well into my arthritic hands!

This Dandelion weeder is perfection. Its ergonomic handle fits well into my arthritic hands! Its well constructed and will last forever! Love it! Makes a nice gift for people who love to garden.

Max Cat - May 2022

Sharp and very clean cuts

Good for delicate sniping. Makes good clean cuts.

Hannah - August 2022

May Buy More!

This scoop is a perfect size for many uses so I may buy more. Nice to have something sturdier than a plastic scoop for soil, fertilizer, etc. Will hang nicely on my potting bench or in fit a drawer.

Charlie - October 2022

I recommend them over most others on the market

I germinate and grow over 100 trees annually, and need clippers that work well and hold up while not breaking the bank. These are not fancy but no need to be to do the job well. The handles don't slip off continually, they're easy to re-sharpen, and the handle spring doesn't get all messed up and ruin the tool. They're a good by-pass trimmer and I recommend them over most others on the market.

Tom Ulrich - December 2021

Powerful Tool! Cuts trimming time dramatically!

This is literally one of the best tools I have ever used. It made a long, backbreaking process of cleaning out pavers and bricks so much quicker! Not only does it make digging in between the bricks/pavers super easy, but it has a scraper on the head that can get under anything and lift it! It scraped some very stubborn moss up like it was nothing! I can not rave about this tool enough!

Julie Bright - April 2022

Time and energy saver.

This is a wonderful tool. It is not just for bulbs. This spring I used it for all of my flower bed plants. So very easy to use (if the ground is not too hard or there is an not an abundance of roots, but that would make the job more difficult for a trowel or shovel). Makes the job so much faster and your back will appreciate the time not spent in those not so friendly spinal positions needed for planting.

Cinema Fan - May 2022

Good, sharp shears.

Super good plant scissors. I wanted something a little prettier than plain orange garden shears because #aesthetic. The scissors have a good, solid weight to them and (most importantly) are super sharp!

Kayla Krantz- March 2021

Save on Popular Sets

These sets include everything you need to start gardening, and make great gifts!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee