Dual Mode Clipper


Great dual mode anvil cutting garden pruners for serious gardeners. This is a heavy, high quality pruning shear with a ratchet mode you’ll be proud to own or gift. Perfect for cutting stems and light branches.

Key Features:

Practically indestructible Heat Treated Carbon Steel Blade with nonstick protective coating. Keeps blade sharp!
Safety Lock and Dual-mode switch to engage powerful ratchet setting
Ergonomic Design and Handle for comfortable and pain free pruning.

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Great for precision cuts and trimming flowers, shrubs, and stems. Slices through with accuracy and ease.


Ratchet setting makes tough cuts easier and helps reduce wrist strain and fatigue. 4X the cutting power to make pruning, cutting and grafting a breeze. As you squeeze the shears, the ratchet mechanism kicks in and sets on the next setting, increasing pressure so you can release and squeeze again, cutting in stages instead of all at once.

Great for larger twigs to 1 inch thick branches where a little extra is needed!


To lock the clippers, close the clippers by squeezing the handles together and then push the lock button up to engage. This activates the lock.

To change the dual mode setting, choose the “S” setting for standard, or the “R” setting for “ratchet”. Note: the clippers need to be closed when changing the setting dial; When the clippers are open, the dial will have friction so the setting does not change mid-cut and while in use. The ratchet will activate when the setting is directed at “R” and the clippers are in use – the ratchet will not engage on small twigs or when not in use.

The GR8 is designed to comfortably cut small to medium sized branches up to a 1/2 inch diameter. They will cut thicker limbs but you may have to use both hands.

The beauty of this pruner is that it’s sharp enough to handle delicate green growth cuts in herb or vegetable gardens yet tough enough to clear dead limbs and brush.

Remember to always make cuts at about a 45deg angle leaving a smooth surface. Smooth clean cuts heal faster. So it is important to keep the GR8 sharp and clean.

To help maintain a healthy plant make cuts close to the remaining bud or trunk, but not right up against it. You want to allow a little bit of healing space with out damaging the growing bud or trunk.

Always hold your pruners in the proper position when making cuts. Avoid cutting upside down. Keep the pruners upright, cutting blade slicing downwards and closest to the trunk with the hook facing upwards and farthest away from the trunk.

This is by no means all there is to know about proper usage, but these basics will get you on the proper pruning track.

Follow the simple directions below every month or so depending on use and your pruner should cut clean and true for years to come.

Here is what you need:

  • An Old Toothbrush or something similar
  • Soapy Water
  • Steel Wool
  • Sand Paper
  • File
  • Petroleum or Plant Based Oil or Lubricant
  • Dry Cloth

First, clean the sap and dirt build up with the toothbrush and soapy water. For really sticky material and rust use the steel wool or sand paper to lightly sand the steel. If necessary a cleaning solvent can be used to remove stubborn hardened tree sap.

Make sure the pruner is clean and all the sap is removed before sharpening. Take your file or stone and only on the beveled edge of the cutting blade file all the way around the blade away from you in one direction. I highly recommend the DMT Diamond File Sets. They are thin and easily fit between the shears.

With slight pressure, file repeatedly, slow and easy at nearly the same angle as the beveled edge. You will notice the edge start to shine as the old metal is shaved off. Do not file back and forth.

After the beveled edge is sharp pass the file once on the under side of the blade to clean off the metal burrs.

Once you are satisfied with the sharpness, lubricate all the clean and sharpened steel. Just about any oil will do. They only need a slight lubricating coat to fend off moisture.

Store in a dry place and the pruner is ready to go for the next job!

Also, it’s important to wipe off any access oil before making cuts.

If you keep your Garden Guru Lawn and Garden Tools clean and oiled they will probably last forever.