Hand-E Garden Trowel


Hand-E Garden Trowel by Garden Guru Lawn and Garden Tools – Rust resistant, stainless steel, hand held garden shovel with comfortable ergonomic handle and thumb support for extra leverage.

Digging trowel or planting tool for digging, planting, scooping and transplanting. Perfect tool for gardeners, outdoor survivalist types, metal detecting enthusiast and campers.

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DIG, PLANT, TRANSPLANT, WEED, SCOOP, SHOVEL – The Hand-E Garden Trowel is arguably the Gardeners Must Used Tool.

The Hand-E Garden Trowel is Comfortable yet Durable like all Garden Guru Lawn and Garden Tools.

Included with your purchase of the Hand-E Garden Trowel is a Daily Maintenance and Care Guide.

  • Stainless Steel Trowel – Rust Resistant Blade is Large and Strong for Scooping and Planting.
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Handle – Is the Idea Size and Shape to Minimum Hand and Wrist Stress over extended working periods.
  • Ideal Size and Weight – Total Length of Tool = 13 1/4 inches — Length of Trowel Blade = 5 1/2 inches — Trowel Width at Widest Point = 3 3/8 inches — Handle Length = 6 inches — Weight = 9 ounces
  • Easy to Care For – Detailed Instructions Included with Purchase
  • No Buyer Risk – 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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After each day’s use, clean the dirt, sap and plant residue off the stainless steel trowel and handle by using mildly soapy water and an old toothbrush or other non-metallic brush.Avoid chlorine based soaps, they can damage the stainless steel. Also, do not leave the trowel submerged in water for an extended period of time. Clean and dry quickly!

After cleaning, be sure to dry well with a cloth and spray oil based lubricant on both sides of the trowel. Wipe excess oil off before storing.

After lubricating make sure to store the trowel in a dry place out of the weather.

Though the Hand-E Garden Trowel is manufactured with stainless steel and is rust resistant, it is not rust proof. Keeping it clean and dry will help it to last for a very long time.