Outstanding product - more than I anticipated. These are first class clippers, very sharp and a strong spring make them a pleasure to use. I keep them with me anytime I am in the garden.
Nathan Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
While I haven't used these a lot right now as my yard is dead with Winter, I did trim my indoor plants and I really did like the ease of the cut. My pair has a very sharp blade the cuts through the plant matter pretty easily. I'm excited to use them more in the spring and summer when I have a lot more greenery to play with.
Aaron R. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
These snips are surprising good quality for the low price. The quality components are where it counts, especially in the blade and spring. The blade is stainless steel and extremely sharp. It gives you so much precision that you may feel like a surgeon sniping and pruning your plants.
Nirali S. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
I got this for my garden. It is very well made and cuts very good. I love them. Shipped quickly. The handle is very nice and easy to use. The scissor part is very sharp. Great great product!
Deneen L. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
Another "spot on" product from Garden Guru!!! This trimmer fits your hand so well and has the weigh to back up its size!!Great customer service and lifetime warranty..what more is there?? I am so pleased with the Garden Guru line of products...
Tamara B. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
After my pruners worked so great, decided to get the trimmer for my deadheading and more delicate work. They are a perfect pair! The trimmer arrived quickly, and I couldn't wait to try them on my Roses and Hydrangeas. Boy, so sharp and easy to use. They fit right into my hand with the lock so easy to use, and they cut so beautifully clean...
Pat G. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
I received the trimmer within 2 days of ordering. Also received immediate follow up from the business owner who clearly is very customer focused. He even sent sharpening info. The product is very high quality and very sharp! I would highly recommend this product and this company!
Samuel F. Purchaser of GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer
This is a great garden trowel by Garden Guru. I purchased this for my mother for Christmas. The handle on this is generous, so it's easy to grasp. The finger groves and thumb rest make this very comfortable to hold. She has arthritis in her hands so this will be great. I love the bright green color. I can't tell you how many times she left hers in a pot and couldn't find it, lol....
Carol S. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
This is very means super strong stainless steel material. It is not made with plastic cheap kind of material. Also handle has some kind of strong rubber material so it not feels very hard on your hand. It is perfect for gardeners...
Nirali S. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
his sturdy garden tools is a joy to use as it is well made and has a comfortable soft grip handle. I highly recommend this tool as a garden enthusiast or for the curious at hand.
Marlena Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
I bought this for my mom and when I received it, I was surprise this tool is kind heavy and look very strong that can last for a very long time.
Pink Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
Works great when you are transplanting and planting new flowers or vegetables in your gardens. Very heavy duty and durable. Can see this one lasting a lot longer than most store bought ones that I have bought in the past that were plastic or weren't very well made. So glad to have found this product would highly recommend it.
Lori A. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
This is super well made, STRONG ! Fits the hand perfect! Sharpening the end will allow this to cut through sod like butter, you can use it to dig treasure with a metal detector! Unlike other kinds you could buy...this also will not rust! It should cost more than it does for what it is.... Buy this one, if you want the BEST ONE!
Scott C. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
Very well made trowel. Comfortable in your hand. Highly recommended.
Paul S. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
Very good tool for garden lovers. Easy to handle and look cute!
Nancy W. Purchaser of Hand-E Garden Trowel
Awesome garden knife. I use it for digging with my metal detector. I don't treat it very good in the field and it is still sharp and very strong. Got some scratches on the handle and blade but it is still tight. I do wash it off once in a while and it looks almost new. I highly recommend it.
Danny U. Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
Excellent tool and very useful in the garden. It is well built and the quality can be felt when you hold the tool. Not only is it effective on roots and other obstacles in the dirt, but I also found the serrated edge is quite effective when I needed a quick tool to saw thru a bone while cutting a piece of meat!
Nathan Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
simply love this knife. It's like having my own hand saw that I can easily transport around the yard and garden. I love how both sides are made differently to be able to cut different things. this knife not only looks high quality but is high quality...
Bridget W. Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
I can hardly wait until warm weather to get here so I can plant my tomatoes and flowers. I have been transplanting my indoor plants for Thank you. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.
Jennifer Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
I had never heard of a Hori Hori Garden Knife before let alone seen one! This is such a clever and all around garden tool that seems like it is so essential for any gardener. This is very heavy duty unlike those cheap garden hand shovel's or spades where you don't have good control of your action's...
CanHave Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
...I was able to use this hori hori garden knife to dig out all the weeds and debris. I couldn't believe the ample size of it, the ease in holding it and the blades are very sharp to get the job done. I recommend this to any gardener.
Prosper2010 Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
So far I love it, was a workhorse on a large weeding project ... Needs sharpening after that job as would be expected, so obtained sharpening tools to do so...
OClak Purchaser of Garden-Blade-SSR
Bought it as a gift for my mom for Christmas. The pruners seem very durable and my mom loves them. Garden Guru seems like a good company and emailed me a lot of information regarding the pruners. Will update if she runs into problems with the pruners within the next few months.
Anonymous Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
Pruner arrived within a few days. It is easy to hold, even with small hands. The handles are covered with sturdy slightly " sticky " material. The blades are sharp and can cut 1/2 " branches with little work.
Fred B. Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
Wow. I have witnessed some good customer service lately, but this experience was something new! I ordered the GR8-Cut pruner based on the positive reviews. As soon as I ordered them, I received an email from Charlie Botts, owner of Garden Guru Lawn and Garden Tools, thanking me for my order and explaining proper maintenance for the pruner....
Linda C. Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
Excellent shears. I have only used these for two weeks, but I absolutely love them. They have a great heavy duty, solid feel to them. They cut super smoothly through all my plants, instead of crushing and then chopping roughly....
FreshmanGREEN Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
New company with the personal touch we have lacked for so long! Love this company and hope it is a great success. The owner wrote me and is willing to help in any way - except he won't fly out and prune my garden!
Diana Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
Finally a good pruner at a really good price that is quality. I like the feel of it in my hand, not too heavy and not too light. The ease of use and clean cut every time are amazing. I must say I was a little hesitant in ordering them on line at first, but with the guarantee I thought why not. So glad I did...
Patermat Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner
I suffer every spring from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis when the yard work begins. I am able to cut and prune all day with this tool. They have made my gardening experience a joy again. Thank you!
Randall C. Purchaser of GR8-Cut Pruner